Monday, November 1, 2010

The Futoromic is here

A first in a whole line of upcoming events,
Futoromic Imaging Fair was kind of hyped up
and low key at the same time.
It's becoming obvious that photography fairs 
don't seem to have much to do with photography 
and more to do with pretty ladies?

Like.. what does photography fair have to do with pageants and contests?
guess it is obvious to attract the guys....
and in this case I guess there wasn't much else to pay attention to.
in other words it was pretty boring otherwise

I arrived in time to see the ladies preparing to take to the stage.
the ladies, well known, 
or otherwise,
starting displaying the sponsors merchandise
and suddenly my camera decided to take a rest...
one moment it was taking this...
and the next was this!
Thankfully this was in Berjaya Times Square,
that means that YL camera was nearby...

so a new mirror box, RM270, and 2 hours later,
I was back, armed and ready!
just in time to catch the Fringe group
who had their colourful garbs
and their gaga style
and some of the lil cuties
anyway I'm sure you're not here to read what I have to say 
or to see dudes
but to see the beautiful ladies, rite?
but before that, I must say that one of the most beautiful traits I find 
is that the ladies have a sense of humour about themselves
and just know how to have fun..

Without stalling any more, here are some shots of the "scenary" around the fair

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