Monday, November 1, 2010

Hennessy Artistry; the BIG one

*Phew*.. It seems just like last month when Henessey had their last Artistry...
oh wait.. it was last month!...

But this time it was different... It's because it is the big one for the year...
Bigger venue, bigger costs, bigger names and bigger party!

As usual, the place was filled with Hennessey girls...
from the entrance
who hold the bottles
to doorways
to the booths
to mixing the drinks
and now with audio & visual stimuli
courtesy of the master mixer

From the get go, the crowds were lining up
to register themselves 
while surveying all this, I noticed a familiar face...
remember this girl from MV?
told her I wouldn't forget her... 
just didn't know would bump into her so soon

If you've been to a H-Artistry party before you'd know the routine
get in, get on the red carpet (which was huge and on two sides this time)
get your photo taken
rock up to the DJ's
and get your drink on
and enter the arena
I must say this time the arena was probably bigger than all the previous avenues combined!
talk about going out with a big bang!

The rest of the night was a blur of celebrities
beautiful emcee's

rocking performances
 lively crowds
and whole lotta partying
All in all it was a rocking party 
but not as great for photography unless you had an OP pass
as there were many areas and even the dancing platform that were off limits 
to those mortals with just a photographer pass..
oh well here's to H-Artistry 2010...
and looking forward to more in 2011!

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