Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Resorting to Malacca

Roadtrip! woohoo!
A last minute decision to head down to Ayer Keroh for a wedding fair & fashion show
It was at a new resort, Philea Resort & Spa,
All we knew was that it was near the Ayer Keroh exit on the North-South highway,
little did we know that we would been greeted by a huge rock with the name Philea on it
talk about a milestone in the road...

The place was much bigger than expected,
and the wedding fair was so-so only,
more on that another time...

If you can afford it, the place would really be a nice get-away,
What I liked the most was that it had a lot of timber...
always love these kind of buildings...

 And they managed to maintain some of the big trees in the area...
and I soooo love that...
It is peaceful just walking about the place
and the place looks like something out of a pamphlet..
and it was not only the exterior that is nice
the insides were nice and welcoming as well
It's a nice place to dream of vacationing...
perhaps if I strike lottery this may one day become a reality
or if I ever participated in the photography contest (which I didn't hehe)
til then... I'll just have to dream

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