Thursday, November 4, 2010

i Feel girls :)

First time witnessing the iFeel girl search, held in Berjaya Times square...
I arrived just in time to see the talent portion...
not a bad diverse show of talent from the common song,
or dance
from traditional ballerina's
to modern dances
and to tributes
and swirly thingymajigs
 and even exotic
 and then to the combined song and dance
that makes you sing along.. "nobody, nobody but you..." 
to the musical instrument
and painting
 and the unusual dress tying
 or the flight attendant instructions?
 it was quite a show,
and all was missing was a magic show :p
even the hosts wanted to hear more
 but mostly the fans were the ones thrilled by the iFeel girls
and they came in all shapes and sizes, from the grown ups
 to the lil 'uns
 and all those in between
and in order to have some variety, in between sessions,
they had make up shows
 and local singers
 who I will never forget cuz she had her manager ask me to delete some photos at an event last year..
 The show continues with the girls advertising their sponsors
 followed by interview with the judges
 and a final catwalk before the results
I quite enjoyed the show overall
even though it was kind of long
and wo bu hui chiang hua yu...
(I no berspeakereding mandalin)
All the best to the ladies and the winners!


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