Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KLPF: Photography Festival or...

Photographing Females...?
As mentioned in a previous post, sometimes it seems that photography events seems more like about girls than photography

All the more for KLPF... one of the "bigger" photography festivals in KL...
It started with a modeling pageant..

and of course almost every both there are sales girls 
whether they are actually selling anything or just being eye candy...
even photography societies had their share of pretty ladies
some companies made such effort that their models had different outfits each day of the festival
then there were even some imported ladies
they were so hot that even the local ladies came round to check them out
but PK booth is the best! they had their own male models..
Well as for other things around the festival, can't say there's much
there's camera testings

still objects to photograph
and miscellaneous unrelated activities 


  1. booo booo baabaa!...
    so far away also check out girls in civilisation


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