Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For Moolah Drifts

Thanks to Myeg, I got grandstand tickets to the Formula Drift for the second year in a row...
and this time was cutting it close... 2 days b4 the event.. :)

This year it was held at Dataran Merdeka
Unfortunately there isn't many good vantage points for ticket holders unless you have a media pass...
but then again it seems like almost any tom, dick or sally qualifies for media
The cars were cars on display, 
big cars
with big names
as well as small
Also as expected was the young umbrella girls
though most hot blooded guys came to see this kind
the drivers also seemed a little younger this year
actually there's a 19 year old driver who kind smashed his car on his first trial.. 
such a shame (no this ain't him)
anyhow, soon it was time
the crowd was ready
and the drivers got the green flag
and off they raced down the track
skidding, and sliding
as they start their approach
at high speeds
then keeping it close as they make their way around the corners

and all that without having to worry about avoiding the popo's

but the cones.
sometimes they succeed

but sometimes they don't

However, better the cones than the barricade

too bad I had to miss the final race day...
at least I got a few shots of the trial runs
All in all, It was a fun outing for the adults
and the kids
not only did the kids get to paint their faces
but some adults also put on masks!
anyway that's it about the drifting...
for those just interested in the ladies... stay tuned..

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