Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Muller Babes

For some,
Car events are about.. well the cars...
but for many, especially the so-called photographers,
it's all about the ladies...
and so for those wannabe's and the wannabe wannabe's...
here's a few for you to feast your eyes on...
(for those who claim to not like eye candy.. skip this post)

Let's start with some more famous faces
And these are the lovely ladies from Myeg..
not sure who you voted for...
but I know who got Heart Crusher's vote :)
These two are personal favourites,
just cuz they're friendly to me during the two days :)
Sorry to the other girls that I didn't post...
but had to limit the choice of photos
which is different from my photos being limited due to lack of contact.. :)
But the ones that need not worry are those that will definitely be covered..
But most of the ladies came from Goodyear..
one of the biggest sponsors for Formula Drift..
Let's begin with out start fren
even recorded for tv(I think?)
and a friendly face
but best of all is I finally got this lady on film...
(I guess sensor would be more accurate but lacking a certain zing to it)
and this pretty lass looked familiar..
took me a while..
but realised that I met her the week before during KLIMs
Well that's it from me for now...
say bye bye to the ladies :)

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