Friday, December 24, 2010

What does Christmas mean to you?

Everywhere you look there are Christmas decorations up...
and so the season is upon us and soon the day will arrive...
So what does this day mean to you?...

Is it about shopping malls with it's bright lights

and the deco?
with the glitter n glow
and Christmas bears?
with their ginger bread man
or blue angel bears?
or could it be the christmas tree
complete with gifts under the tree
Santa's with their hats
or the doll forms
and  in the case of the hot-blooded man, 
the Santarina's
and for the fusshy hot-blooded males..
santarina in full get-ups
with the reindeers 
and sleigh
and of course not forgetting the snowmen
but I also wonder if this year has gotten too experimental
as they have included dogs
cute as they may be with their long noses
but the inexplicable moose?
or the crossover from halloween

and jack in the boxes
and for some the creepy clowns

thankfully though there are those who try to stay afloat
and hold on tight
to what Christmas is truly about
such as family
or the one who put the Christ in Christmas

So what does Christmas mean to you?
will you celebrate it with gifts and toys and put the X in Xmas?...
or try to catch the real essence of the day called Christmas
may your day be filled with love and laughter with family and friends!
photo credits to weisun..
(chose the photo cuz the santa hat was my gift to her.. hope she likes it)

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