Sunday, December 26, 2010

KL International Motorshow

My parents don't want me around...
all because there's no space in the car... phftt....

speaking about cars,
the reason that updates had been slow is because of the KLIMS that happened between 3 - 12 Dec 2010...
It's been four years since the last one...
and even on the first day, the crowds came pouring in...

some hoping for the chance to win the Toyota Prius in the lucky draw
and for RM15 per ticket, (RM20 on weekends and RM 5 for students)
but interestingly enough my first experience at KLIMS was I accidentally walked in to the halls and walked through all the halls while trying to cross PWTC...
First impression of KLIMS is the odd walkway system...
1. to get to the ticket checking entrance, you had to be herded round and round and feel like a zoo animal
2. you were forced to go to Halls 1 & 2 first
this means that you had to make a big detour if you wanted to go to the other halls first (or in my case run up the down escalator)
3. The tickets were only per entry... which means will need to take full advantage of the opportunity (unfortunately this meant we'd spend whole days walking around)
which is great that they also provide massage chairs..
though I find it kinda freaky to have Amber Chia waving at me everywhere hehe...

Second thing that caught my attention was the Star Motoring "Snap for Cash" competition...
Mainly because their add features Nicole Mok... 
even if they  out the face, it's obviously her (I din snap a pic of it tho)
but it's odd that girls with red sashes going round asking people to take photos with them
some of the lines used can be taken the very wrong way...

Third of all is that the organisers were mindful that families will be coming,
and provided entertainment for them
and even some video games for the no longer kids
most of the advertising for KLIMs was to come see bumblebee
as well as the bumblebe version of the Camaro 
as well as the beauties next to it
and its toys
worst still was the horrendous Batmobile, 
as it basically a painted sytofoam box....
and I was glad that there were some parties that was taking the opportunity to advertise road safety
I must say it is definitely an uphill battle but someone's got to do something about it
and there was a minor push at going green,
and I don't mean the "green hulk" effect that most photographers got at the Mitsubishi booth
go look around the web, you'd find loads of examples of them..

I'm sure most of you have heard that it's more KLI Model Show than Motor Show...
and that would be something that would be hard to argue as the cars on display were limited
majority of the exhibits came from our own local market Proton & Perodua
and they even brought in the R3
and its drivers
with so illustrations of the cars interiors
and some freaky holographic emcee
that certainly got some people inquiring
and for some odd reason they had a mold for a car in the works..
and also a spinning car of the future for the ladies and kids
most of the exotic cars came under Naza which was only a small section of the exhibition

here's a glimpse of the other cars on display

Other than cars they also had other car accessories,  
and even glass lamination

with the suits to suite the occasion
and some odd deco
and props
and also a chance to display new tech
of course it's more than just showing off the cars..
there were there to make money
As a car show KLIMS was disappointing but as a fun outing, it is great..
which is probably the reason that we ended up there seven out of the ten days...
I'm hoping that they see this year's KLIMS as a financial success enough
 so that they will have it again next year but bigger and better!
especially when there'll be more chances for the future models

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