Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hat Yai Part 4: Time to Klong Hair

So odd that it takes me a few hours to travel but days and weeks to write about the experience
Anyway one last must stop at Hat Yai is to the floating market.
The market is only opened on weekends in the evening
and is pretty isolated from the town centre.
I don't recommend going there at the end of the year due to the possibility of it rain
but in my case these is one of the few times I could make it

took a motor there even though it took quite a bit of communication havoc
Which is why I was uncertain if he took me to the right place
There was no signs (well none I could read).. and just looked like a normal market
But since it was already Sunday and already 5 p.m. I thought best I check it out anyway
thankfully, I came across the bridge and caught sight of the floating market portion
I quickly made my way down to check out the place
One of the unique things about a floating market of course is the fact that business is done from the boats
and all kinds of things are sold here
from fried foods
to deserts
to drinks
that came in cute cups
and cartoon characters
and even soups
and ice cream!
and all for 20 baht
well mostly
and paying is pretty straight forward
Once the store owners hand you the food using a stick with a basket
you place your 20 baht into the basket
and your transaction is done

Once the novelty of the floating market wears off,
you can wander ard the rest of the market
that is pretty much like a Pasar Malam in Malaysia
that sells goods
and foods
fresh out of the pot
which is great cuz they also provide a place to sit and eat
and for the adventurous do try the fried insects..

the last time I had them, these were my favourites
cuz they're nice and juicy though hard to pick apart

I have no regrets making the trip there... would be great to make another visit with a group of friends..
The place is so popular that even the locals come here to make home made films
a testament to the ambiance and experience at Klong Hair

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