Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dawn of a new Decade!

Happy 2011 people...
Yes it is a new decade in the 21st Century....
How did you welcome the new year?...
This was probably my saddest NYE in a long while...
was alone and spent it in the midst of madness and chaos...

This year I spent it at Bukit Bintang...
and as usual they were expecting havoc...
But Malaysia is not known for their law enforcement...
or more likely known for the wrong things..
I dunno why the MPV on the left got a parking ticket
but the taxi parked on a yellow line is left alone...
and this was not an isolated case!
But anyhow, it's also obvious why chaos reigned on the streets
especially as midnight approached...
but it all started out so civilised
with music
and entertainment
but it was slow to start up so I decided to check out Pavillion
and found out they were going Gaga...
courtesy of Fly FM
and Gaga they went
on stage
and in the crowds
and I was surprised that these were not only limited to one race
probably the most 1Malaysia in the whole year .. xp
Somehow throughout all this I felt out of place
perhaps it is because this was over my crazy quota
The most enjoyable portion in the evening though was experiencing the flash mob
notice the two guys in front trying to follow along
all trying to get into the fun
and standing out
and all caught on camera
all in all it was fun for all ages
and all around
Decided to see how the more Chink-ed out celebration at BB
was kinda horrified by the behaviour of some of the party goers
but impressed by some of the fashion sense
and oddly it was snowing on New Years
But was glad once the fireworks started 
and the crowds started dispersing

Honestly either I'm getting too old,
or it really was kinda sucky...
anyway 2011 is a new year...
hoping this Dec 31st will be better than the last :)

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