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my 11 for 2011

Christmas is a time for joy and goodness...
New Years is for resolutions and procrastination :D
I should know since I put the pro in procrastination...
all the more to aim for the sky and I might hit the moon...
so here's my 11 resolutions for 2011...

I've said it many times before...
I'm getting old.
*gasp* say it ain't so!...
but it is... and in spite of my denial, my mind is starting to cash cheques my body cannot deliver...
so in the name of living longer... I will begin exercising on a regular basis...
I know that professionals recommend a minimum of 20 minutes 3 times a week...
however in the name of practicality and honesty, let me aim for half an hour (at a go) at least once a week.
this means cardio exercises... swimming, running, cycling, etc... any additional will be a bonus
goal: exercise half an hour a week

2. First contact
I repeat... I'm getting old...
One of the hazards of getting older is that your social circle starts to shrink as people get busy with their lives
As such it is important to meet new people.
This is harder to meet those in the same decade let alone age group especially with my work field but all the more it is important...
I suppose this would initially be considered easy to meet new people as I will be introduced to my new students....but as the year goes by this will require a lot more effort...
goal: talk to a new person at least once every 2 weeks (that will make it like at least 26 new people...!)

3. contact
Related to no #2, is also about aging and relationships.
It's all fine and dandy to try and make new friends... but I will never want to lose those I already have.
I'm the sort that holds on to the familiar and the past... as much as this is usually viewed as a negative characteristic, I suppose I'm still naive in believing that the past is worth persevering and this is something I'm not willing to let go just yet. So friends, be prepared to be contacted at inconvenient times.. :)
It would be nice if I could call most of them up, but since most are overseas the more convenient (and I suppose cheapskate) method is to write them... so I probably will e-mail, or send a card... but maybe to the select few a call will be in order... :)
goal: e-mail at least one friend once a week

4. Book that date
"So when are you getting married" is my second most asked question behind "Why did you become a teacher / wha...? you're a teacher?"
In the 3rd decade of life I guess it is about time to settle down (even though I thought it shoulda happened a decade ago). This would be kind of tough as all the good ones are already taken or dating.. (or too young for me hehe). It gets even harder when you have to factor in the fact that the girl (yes a girl... well technically a woman but most woman prefer being called girls... and vice versa) has to accept an aging, horizontally expanding, follicle challenging, financially constrained 30 year old.... (well 31 next year).
Anyone knows such a beauty, don't hesitate to call 012-2xxxxxx3 (like I'd put my number online).
Confucious says "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
So my single step would be to actually hunt and ask girls out on dates... It's funny cuz thinking about it, I don't know if I've ever been on a single date... pretty sure high school dating doesn't count and the rest of my near calls were always my passive style of hanging out together
according to, a date can be defined as
"an appointment for a particular time, esp with a person to whom one is sexually or romantically attached"
so perhaps what I'm trying to say is that it should be clear to the person of the interest in being more than just friends on such dates...and as to not be too ambitious, (considering starting from zero in the past 30 years), let's aim for two?.. after all, it could just require one to find the one :).
One in 6 months... sounds possible..
goal: go out on two dates in 2011

5. money, money, money!
One of the oddities about me is that I was more wise in my actions when I was younger...
but sometimes wisdom is a stick in the mud...
That is the reason why in the past few years I've been rebelling against my past but in a restrained manner.
One of the methods is in terms of my savings... four years ago I had at least 5 times more in my bank than I do now... It's odd since I've actually started having more income then...
Anyway, in order to build a future, there will be a need to start saving again..
to most people, the prudent way is to save up 10%, which in my case is kind of measly, so I'm going to go 20%! It will be a challenge with my photography addiction and penchant for traveling, but sacrifices need to be made.
goal:Save up a minimum of 20% of income

6. no more fool on food
People may question where do most of my regular income go to?
honestly the answer would be to food.
More than 20% of my income goes to feeding the expanding horizon...
So perhaps it is the opportune time when I want to save as well as "diet" to control the food spending sprees.
This also relates back to my discipline to limit my mac attacks to once a week. This year I've been rather loose with it, rationalising each time I "had to" have it more than once a week. So next time if I have to go, I'll just get an ice cream or drink... no fatty fries or burger belly's for me...

goal:stick to food budget and cut down junk food

7. Berspeakereding China
Isn't this cover lovely?
I chose this picture actually for the words on the cover.. anyone can guess why?
anyhow, for those who know me well enough know that I've been passively learning Mandarin on my own leisure. But my resolution will be to step it up and be more actively learning. This means more taiwanese series and audio lessons.. but hopefully be able to have a proper conversation with random strangers and not just be limited to saying "wo bu hui xiang hua yu"
goal:spend 15 minutes a day on mandarin audio lessons

8. Take that tour
Just over two years ago, I took my first step on my tour of Malaysia...
The aim was to discover more about Malaysia and perhaps myself in the process.
I chose to limit myself to public transport which kind of limited my small town experiences.
to date I've been to every state capital in peninsular Malaysia, and more...
but over the past year I've been more interested in exploring Thailand, as perhaps it is familiar yet foreign at the same time.
However in 2011 I vow to complete the 13 states! (not sure if I can cover the third federal territory)
goal: visit Sabah and Sarawak

9. Quality not quantity
On an average week (that means when there are no big events), I would take about a thousand photographs.
I cannot imagine what it would have been like to do the same thing with film... Imagine for example when there are week long events like KLIMS... I'm still going through my photos...
Anyhow the goal for next year is to step up my photography... This would mean I need to be more thoughtful about my shots before I take them. In order to raise my standard, I plan to experiment more, but this will mean missing out on certain shots... But in order to stand out from the mediocre, that's the price I'll be willing to pay...
goal: Take less photographs but more quality 

10. Working hard not hardly working
I've been where I am working now for four years... yet I'm so far from being a shadow of those teachers I admire.. the dedication and passion they still display after their many years of service inspires and spurs me on. So this coming year, I plan to work more, complain less... Unfortunately this is a subjective matter but I want to be satisfied at the end of the day, knowing I've done all I can, to impart good values and work habits to the students. So years down the line, when all that have been thought in class has been forgotten, I'd be remember more for than just an entertaining teacher.
goal: never say no to something I can do for the student

11. Sleep
I know this will sound odd. But I resolve to spend more time sleeping in 2011.
I reiterate how I started this post.. I'm getting old...
The older I get I understand more how precious sleep really is.
I don't want to come to a point when I want to sleep and cannot (for some odd reason our bodies do this)..
In order to do this, I plan to stop all work and computer activities by midnight... According to scientist the artificial lighting causes our sleep pattern to be disrupted... so maybe with less things to do online I may have more time to rest.. For those who know me this may actually be the biggest change I'd have to make... I'm a nocturnal creature... The night is when I come alive.. but due to the nature of my work, I'll have to deny who I am and operate at mediocre levels.. but in order to preserve my health and sanity in the long run this is a change I have decided to make...
goal:no computer and work after midnight

There it is.. my 11 resolutions for 2011. Will they be part of the 12 in 2012? I hope not...
I recently saw this on fb
“Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.”
don't know who said such sage words... but guess this is what this post has been all about... a fresh go at those nasty habits...
some say it takes 7 weeks of constantly doing something to form a habit..
but it doesn't seem that way when it comes to bad habits but seems way longer when forming a good one....
but you'll never know if you can succeed unless you try...
and try I will..
so happy New Years folks... may the New Year bring you joy and love!

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