Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I need a rest from the weekends

phew... what a full weekend...
I think I'm still tired from the activities.. (you'd think the weekends would be relaxing)
due to the upcoming CNY holidays, we had to replace the schooling days...
and man, we got drilled... twice and grilled too...

For safety reasons we had a fire drill, and oddly enough even though we've done this every year,
we had space issues and confusion this year
but we got it right the second time... even though it was under the hot hot sun
(while some sought shelter)
All in all 4 mins 29 secs is pretty good evacuation time...
speaking of which I evacuated pretty quickly after the school bell rang..
tried to make it in time for the wedding fair at Prince Hotel... but missed the fashion show...
however I came across this odd sight...
Thought there was some kind of riot...
but turns out these were taxi drivers waiting for the busloads of foreigners being dropped off here...
not exactly sure what was going on...

Sunday was the most unexpected busy day...
First of all I was not even sure if I'd be attending this photoshooting session as there was a bad miscommunication. but thanks to the other friendly participants I got the message 6 hours b4 time..
So managed to squeeze in the necessary hours of sleep, n made it to Thean Hou temple in time to shoot these two lovely ladies
And halfway through the place got so packed with 5 different groups of photoshooting and 2 different wedding parties....
other than Cruiser photography with Justina, Bridget and Sammi,
there was this particular group with these two beautiful ladies that I vaguely recognised from Miss Beautiful Angel pageant last year
but most interestingly enough according to my resolution, 
I made an interesting friend from the shoot

After the shoot I made my way to KL,
and had a wonderful meal thanks to EJac
which had this super cute kid helping to make a pizza!
hail the lil chef
(I'm surprised how well the photo turned out at ISO 3200 with NR in Lightroom)

After lunch was done, the afternoon was nearly over
So instead of going home to rest while awaiting dinner,
I dropped by Sunway 
where Demand 4 more and Hibiki Tokai Productions 
were collaborating for a full day session with miss Sashimi

She was amazing as this was already the second session of the day
after one long one this morning...
thanks to punkman & hibiki for allowing me to drop by and even to photograph

The night ended with a high (or is it a low)
with a fun farewell to our favourite Indon
It was just a few months ago that Malaysia's photography scene 
was rocked when miss Panda appeared at Super Mix auto show...
and now she returns to our neighbouring country 
only to move to our other neighbour
All the best... we gladly anticipate ur return!
phew... wonder if next weekend will be this tiring

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