Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is my banana showing?

Caught your attention eh...?
You'd think that after 30+ years (not yet 31!!!) on this earth,
I'd either have learnt to speak Chinese or gotten used to being a banana 
[for the uninitiated meaning I'm yellow (chinese) on the outside,
but white(gwai lo) on the inside]
And yet yesterday reminded me how in between both worlds I am...

Thanks to GSC I managed to get tickets to watch Mr & Mrs. Incredible
(and no it has nothing to do with Pixars Incredibles..)
honestly when I first stepped into the cinema,
the show was already screening, 
and I was wondering if we were in the right theatre
because the settings was in olden times...
and I thought that it was suppose to be in modern day...
however as we settled in,
the story played out and was quite entertaining..
if you'd gone to watch superheroes doing their thing,
this would not be the movie for you..
however it is a good watch as it was entertaining and simple movie

Revolving around two retired superheroes, 
played by Louis Koo and Sandra Ng,
the show spends most of its time introducing the characters,
and the scenes in which they intend to have a baby is worth a few laughs...
overall I enjoyed the experienced.. and surprisingly my limited cantonese and mandarin 
can keep up with most of the dialogue (of course the subtitles covered the rest hehe)
Only thing I found disturbing was the fact that Louis Koo 
looked so much younger than Sandra Ng
despite being only 5 years apart
and I learnt a new word... zheng (not sure of the pin yin.. but 真棒?)

What was funnier about this experience was that after the movie,
we were interviewed for our opinions on the movie...
and I was like all "wo bu tai chiang hua yu"...
so in the end was reluctantly interviewed in English...

The night was saved however by my lovely companion,
met her at the recent photoshoot during Thaipusam
the funny thing is up til yesterday, we've never spoken in person b4..
but I knew she was friendly and quite a bubbly person...
was surprised that she was willing to accompany for the movie...
especially since we're somewhat strangers (more used to be strange than a stranger hehe)
other than our interactions through fb.... so guess social networks has its uses after all...
but my apologies to her for arriving late, causing the unnecessary hassle at GSC
and since she can speak mandarin to the interviewer, 
it's probably what prompted them to interview me as well,... 
or maybe it was the fact we were watching a chinese movie... 

Anyway if u want to know more about the movie, check out the three trailers 
(don't worry won't spoil the movie as it isn't scenes from the movie)

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