Monday, January 31, 2011

Thean Hou now?

Another joy from manual pleasures...

Been looking forward to this photoshooting session since the start of the year
thanks again to Michael for planning this weeks in advance...
After going back and forth for the week leading up,
between Dong Zhen and Thean Hou, we settled on Thean Hou
We were told that we were going to help with the portfolio of this lady

Such an admirable lady...
she's working full time and does part time jobs on the weekend
phew tiring...
Along with her was another talent who apparently was at Teenfest last year
but I seriously do not even remember her booth, 
odd considering they were wearing orange!
This is a super photochopped photo...
haha but not to the lady but the two out of place photographers in the bg
(a prize for anyone who can spot them hehe)
not really my favourite photo of the set due to the messy bg
but glad she likes it

Good thing we were there early...
when we started there were already 2 other groups waiting,
and by the time we ended there were 5 groups in total...
and of course the numerous visitors

As we said good bye to the two ladies,
we said hello to the IT girls...
yupz it was another I.T. fair in MVEC...
but this time was disappointing...
not because of the lack of ladies as some point out
but because I was hoping to get to test an Epson printer
or to look for a wi-fi device...
none of which seemed to be possible with the selection there
(though they did have popcorn!)
what we did encounter however was the hordes of masses
Maybe it's CNY shopping or it's a Saturday...
but for some reason it was packed.. like sardines
all thanks partially to these people of course
who so patiently waited for these ladies to take to the catwalk
 all courtesy of
and out of the shadows to advertise their product

the ever popular Garmin girls
 and so for some inexplicable reason these folks
even though not intending to stay,
spent the entire afternoon at MVEC
followed by going to the place that really had IT products..
low yat plaza...
for the best part after...
but more importantly it was in the company
of a big eyed beauty...

haha made u look...
din take any photos... was too busy eating
but soon it was time to leave
So that's how it was..
to end a long, long day...
before I go, let me leave you with a wish from Jackie Chan
Xīnnián kuàilè
gong hei fatt choi!

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