Saturday, February 19, 2011

Darn these Malaysian Service Industris

What a bad week for me and the Service industries...
I've had a weeklong issue with Maxis and Canon... geez!
an example... was asked by the maxis tech service to go in to any of their service centre's
to stop GPRS from activating itself and thus costing me credit 
(RM10 of which was debited earlier and after RM6 worth of calls 
got it credited back to my account... woohoo Xp)
anyways, went in to the centre in Pavillion since I was there,
and took a number (from a oddly hidden ticketing machine)
and almost instantly my number popped up...
I though how nice... 
(see my number 2002!)

 I then gladly proceed to counter 2 and well received by this sign
 hmmm... right?
after all that I took another number under a different category
and after waiting another 10 minutes...
I get service and after all the explanation,
with just a press of a button,
problem solved...
no need for installing any programmes, updating software...
just a button...

now why couldn't they have just told me that over the phone?

While walking around I came across this sight...
definitely not everyday that you see a car on the wall
pity though cuz this wall used to have nice graffiti on it
but I think this was some set up for an tv advert or something 
hope they have better service than me haha

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