Thursday, February 3, 2011

I like it long and hard in my pants

and if that wasn't enough,
I also like it black....

It's unexplainable the sensation I get as I stroked and rubbed
this 7 inch of a monster the whole of yesterday
It didn't help that I stared and couldn't peel my eyes away from it either
you guys ready for a peek?...

ready or not, here it is... 
you know how I said I've never bought a phone for myself b4?
well this time I did... well kind of since I got this for the use of portable wifi
initial plan was to get the ipod touch 4G...
but after finding out that my fat fingers cannot type on the touch,
I considered getting a ipad... but the size was the biggest deterrant 
so that's how I ended up on the Samsung Tab...
only issue for me was the lack of available support and apps..
but for now, It'll be a few sleepless nights spent discovering this new horizon 

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