Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bye By Me

How do you say goodbye,
and hope they will return, if ever?
It's sad when something has died...
sometimes things have to die that others may live..
in spite of the time and effort,
the relationship is killed over something so petty,
but that is the path that some have chosen to go...

Things in here have been pretty quiet..
mostly because it is exam time
...ok ok maybe it's cuz I've been a little lazy haha
but really, been preoccupied with shooting in any spare moment
from pageants
to fashion shows
and gala's
 and wedding fairs
and visitor show girls
or local photoshoots

or outstation trips
 with scenary
 and food! :)
and even partying...

where they brought the roof down.. LOL
(perhaps when I have time, more on that)
and of course public events
like the recent C2AGE cosplay in Tropicana Mall
and driftings
 Hopefully next week there'll be an avalanche of updates
keep an eye on this spot! :)

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