Tuesday, 28 June 2011

night Run

It's monday monday monday again..!
The blues are here... but also means that there was possibly an awesome weekend gone by!
My weekend was surprising...
It was suppose to be a week of rest...
but turned out a good balance of rest and play... 

Saturday made two visits to shopping malls... 
both for different pageants..
the Watson's YOU awards 


followed immediately (well including an hour traffic jam)
by the Spotlite Teen Search Semifinals

all I can say was it was certainly beyond my expectations
The plan was to meet at 5 a.m. for a early morning shoot in quiet streets
This was of course disrupted by two things.
1. there was a huge marathon going on throughout the city
which resulted in road blocks and odd detours
(if I was the driver I would stop to ask why too)
2. The subjects we were to shoot were still asleep!

So as most of KL slept, a few of us were wondering around aimlessly shooting
 But soon we got distracted by the race...
 from the volunteers,
to the media
and the police
 and of course the runners
 notice there were these special runners 
with helium balloons on their tails
not sure what they mean...
What is a 4:00 hr pacer mean?
anyone have the foggiest?
saw a 3:30 hr pacer too..
 Soon the streets were quiet again
but as we made our way out to meet the sleeping beauties
we were still held up by the race
To be continued...

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