Monday, July 4, 2011

Transformers3: The mooning of the dark side

Robots in disguise...
Looking past the holes in the plots the size of Cybertron,
I found the third installment of Transformers more bearable than the first two
Could it be because the change in lead women?

Let's make a quick comparison..
Mikaela makes her appearance in a sweaty sleeveless..
or the cleavage swinging Carly 

1 point of course goes to the Victoria Secret model ")

Mikaela runs around in slow mo
Carly just stands there

so guess it's a draw between the two ;p

Other quick comments...
Megatron is now a truck!...
now when will he actually be a gun?

And is there a reason why Sentinel Prime has a beard?
is it because he's old?...

Haha just thought I'd take a quick poke at Transformers 3,
better than expected but of course not for fanboys again...
The most interesting moment for me was in the office
when Laserbeak (in the form of a photostating machine)
makes the "robots in disguise" tune when his buttons are pressed

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