Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been distracted..

There's been so many things I wanted to cover...
however been distracted...
especially last night... hehe

by what you may ask?..
Nothing really important...
but I just discovered this two IoS games...

King Of Opera

a super fun and challenging  four player game.. 
all you need to do is 
 and at the end of it you can be 
It's great for those moments 
when you just want to do something mindless together

World of Goo
This second one took like hours off from my life
even though I played it less than an hour...
 It takes a little thinking, sometimes quick actions and a little physics..
and a whole lotta patience...
and all just to get a few goo's
by hook or if possible crook
to a pipeline..
quite fun...
and best of all I found it was made for the PC earlier..
guess what I'll be doing for the next few days? :)
Sadly, both companies have yet to make it for the android platform
Anyone up for signing a petition? ^ ^

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