Friday, August 5, 2011


When you go to a fair... what do you look for?
If you've been following bolehbokeh, hopefully you'd conclude, that for me,
I just like to take in the sight and sounds

of course this includes the lovely ladies
but that doesn't mean that that is all there is to an event
If you look around on fb or the forums,
you'd be forgiven for thinking that DLE stands for De Ladies Expo
but that is probably because it was covered by people like this

 for some reason, it has become a norm to go to fairs just to photograph the showgirls

thought not everyone went for the girls :)

I cannot say I've never done this before but for me it's gone beyond just photographs
but getting to know the beautiful persons inside the pretty ladies
while some couldn't decide between the games or the photographs

With regards to the Digital Lifestyle Expo, I found it actually quite interesting
not sure if it warranted the three day visit and the RM22.50 in parking
(which wouldn't sound so bad if it was a three day total
as oppose to the cost from just one day's parking)

You'd expect free wi-fi as part of the Digital Lifestyle
but guess nothing good comes free
First thing I heard about DLE is that it was bigger
and very spacious compared to last year..
and spacious it was.. check out all that space ;)
 It was such a chill place to be...
one just feels like kicking off the shoes
and just chilling

and it feels better with some music to go with it
It helps if you have your own DJ :p
or perhaps some 3D television

with speakers
perhaps soon we'll be able to enjoy that on land or under water
so make sure you have lots of batteries
not so sure what to say about these cars
what does it have to do with DLE?..
or Liverpool?

The phenom known as Angry Birds also made their presence felt
 There were even at the award winning stalls :)
which was all part of the game
and some of the birds came with their own chicks (sic)
Guess the games booths had all the good stuff
 especially the RM1 lucky draw
which brings joy to all the participants
especially when they win big prizes :)
and even games that I didn't know existed
I thought these poker chips was just part of the deco...
but was informed by organiser that it was some game that allows u to win an iPad2

Some even take it to the stage
 With all the cuteness
 who can but help love 'em :)

well maybe if I was a 3 year old I'd be scared by a apple head too
especially since it's green

but he does seem to have a way with the ladies ;)
Of course no "PC Fair" would be complete without the TelCo's pushing their stuff
but it still took me a while to find this "twin"

overall they still had something for everyone
  not just for the kids 

and here is some more just for you girl hunters

did you spot the ladies?


Didn't manage to see everything despite being there three days
like these flashmobs outside around B.B. area.
but in the end most of it seems wasted

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