Monday, 12 September 2011

Volks Wagen

To most of the world, Germany is famous for two things
Hitler and their schlongs
well I guess the third being the VW beetle

I guess it is kind of hard for any company to break the mold
especially when you've created something so special
The VW beetle...
made cheap, hardy, and lasting
I should know (though my latest experiences say otherwise)

But I must say that Volks Wagen has truly been doing well for themselves
From the classic VW van, to the modern, Polo GTi,
they have yet to go the way of the Nazi's...

which I suppose is the reason why this happened
This was the first day of the VW Das Auto Show 2011
being opened to the public...
If you cannot tell... that minute white dome up ahead is the showroom
After 10 minutes I had to rush off...
but perhaps if I had stuck on for another hour or two I may have reached
for many, the entrance to the promise land..
but for most, this is the experience you're left with
thankfully radio DJ's were there to liven things up
be it MY FM..
 I must say I always admire those who do emceeing...
the enthusiasm they have to put on
in spite of the lack lustre response of indifferent Malaysians
 and the need to have interesting games and ideas
 not sure what's with the chickeedess though
 especially this one!
 who was teaching these guys a game of
stone, water and bird...
though looked more like a bomb drill

and on day two I also discovered this two clowns...
(didn't really have a nice photo of this one...
makes you wonder what he was doing though)
I'm sure it's not what you think it is...
they were there to put a smile on the faces of the little ones
take this little rascal.. check out his skeptical1 before look
and the elated after look
boys and their swords....
and men and their plungers

of course trust the capitalists 
to, well, capitalise on the opportunity to set up shop

but I was seriously intrigued 
as to what could cause this..
 and this...
 large exodus into the showroom...
and it must have been good for these fellas to be this happy in anticipation
be it rain or shine

or security control

but not everyone could stand up to the heat 

and decided to bow out and chill...
and just watch the show from outside
interestingly enough,
you could also find the VW Golf GTi
and the updated beetle 
(though I wondered if they had the latest on inside)

but I guess I'll never know....

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