Sunday, 11 September 2011

Welcome to Waitday

That seems to be the theme of the day

Woke up early and waited for dad to take me to the mechanic
whom I had to wait for to take him to my stranded car
waited to analyse the problem
waited to top up more black oil

waited in this freakin long queue...
for the second day in a row..
and it seems longer today...
but at least they were more organised...
all just to see.... 

I have no idea cause I never made it in...
couldn't bear to wait...
but in the end I waited for something else...

lunch with a beautiful person
at least I had my work to keep my company
but after a miscommunication and a brief meeting,
I was left to my lonesome
but was ok as I was off to check out the AIMs
but alas it was not to be..

It seems time has caught up with my old lady... the bettle
wear and tear has left her engine needing more maintenance than expected
so she struggled to keep going from Bukit Jalil...
but she gave up on me :(
I waited a few times to see if it was cause the engine overheated
then when she could not muster the strength to start up
I waited for dad to answer my calls for help
then after getting through mom,
waited for dad to arrive
then long wait for AAM
to first arrive and tell us what we already told them
and then wait for the tow truck we asked for in the first place..
so after nearly 2 hours of waiting, the tow truck finally arrived
and off we were to the work shop
and now all I have to do is...
wait til the ol' gal is road worthy once again
and worse of all 
now I'm waiting
to see if I can get through to a colleague
if not I have no idea how I am to go into work 2moro

Is there any thing else worse than waiting?

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