Saturday, September 10, 2011

18 SX

I've been wondering about the suitability of some fairs that are open to public
ever since KLIMS '10
the controversy of that being that bumblebee was used to attract the little children

 while the uptight twats complained that the ladies were improperly dressed
especially for family outings
hard to imagine since most were appropriately dressed
 and even the most extreme was pretty conservative for a car show
Maybe I've been more desensitised..
or those twits cannot control their urges
that they blame the woman's dressings..
However even then at the end of the day
a car show is not targeted at families but car (and girl) enthusiasts

however in this past two weeks 
I've seen advertising in more family orientated events
at last week PC Expo I was bewildered by this advertising for broadband
I am all for about being open minded..
but kamasutra?..
how can this be construed as anything but sexual in nature?

and then this weekend...
I understand that game makers of course use sex appeal in their games
the case and point of using pretty models to attract customers
but scantily dressed ladies on bolsters?..
what is the message here?

it is definitely no fault the showgirls...
they are just working to earn a little money
what were the organisers thinking?

I understand many times the girls are not informed
about a lot of the job scopes until the day itself,
and they have to make the hard choice of
going through with a job they may not agree on
or lose pay and reputation by refusing to go through with it

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