Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keep Looking @ Pretty Females (KLPF)

 What's your weekend plan?..
if you're free you may want to drop by KLPF...

as much as I'd like to say it is about the photography
the only photography I see going on is of the pretty lasses

  opps.. what's this one doing here
(wanted to try this lightng with a show girl but never got to hehe)

It was nice though to bump into Amanda Morene...
 and nice that she recognised me...

but she's an amazing gal.. architect student... blows me away
her partner, Louise, which to me is new to freelancing,
is surely to become famous soon enough
Can't see why?... then u may need to check your eyes :p

Other than that,
KLPF is mostly just a lot of shops 
and talks...
IMHO a bit disappointing...
but hey for girl shooters, this may be your paradise..
so go forth and enjoy

for those wanting more variety...
and avoid the crowd
maybe check out the choclate fair next door...
not too bad place to photograph

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