Thursday, October 6, 2011

Does Not Translate

Saw this on fb and decided to give it a go...
imagine my surprise...

1) Go to Google Translate and select language "Malay" to "English"
2) Then key in "Perodua Kelisa"

and "Perodua Kancil"

3) Laugh Out Loud

and I did :)
why don't you give it a go..?

P.S> if u put both Perodua Kelisa and Perodua Kancil together you get a different result

P.S.> found out there are more!
first the infamous Beatles become... 
 then while translating boob...
(I suppose this is a correct translation when u call someone a boob)
but look what happens when you make it a plural (or referring to the female anatomy?)

what this really means, you decide

then finally I came across this...

and this..

two examples amongst many

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