Wednesday, 16 November 2011


 Never b4 has my facebook been so busy...
and most of it generated due to AMAZE International Model Search 2011
 I had low expectations when I arrived due to some bad planning
but the place looked great.

As the time approached the princesses came out
 the media were ready
 and waiting
Then the red carpet gala began
 with the appearance of fashion VIPs
 and the judges, escorted via posh sports cars

 and soon the event began..
with the appearance of emcee Arthur
and of course the stars of the moment
strutting their stuff in pairs

be it mixed genders

or otherwise

Then came the interviews
 and some came out...
 armed with a killer smile
flowery words

and a fan club
while other tried to charm the judges
even as they talked about their... shoes?
 but over all it was a pretty happy affair

as they enjoyed their 15 minutes in the spotlight

In between, the audience were also entertained by such fillers as music

and kept up to date with the AIMS CARE ambassador
 While the contestants did their part at either entertaining
 or selling the calenders to raise funds

But at the end of the day,
what everyone came to see was the contestants strut their stuff



In the end, as the men came out all avant garde

and the ladies, let it flow,

 The prizes were handed out
 while some got more than they could handle
But no matter how good they were...
There can only be one winner...
Well one winner and one runner up for each gender...

But to me, there was only one winner...

and judging by her "fans", I was not the only one
But like all good things, it must come to an end..
and they did so with a bang... 
 I am sure, each one of them will look back at this experience
and be proud of themselves

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