Monday, December 26, 2011

Do Come In Men

It was Christmas time..
a time for giving..
and apparently the best time 
to give a camera... well according to DCIM
It's was a great chance to rub some big guns

and test out the newly introduced Nikon 1
grab some talks
though it's not for everyone

but soon it was lights,


and soon it'll be action!
As you can tell the Guys with Camera's
were out in full force
even little girls were trying to get a glimpse

But soon, Stephinie Tan made her appearance
and introduced the Velocity Angels for 2011

and with the help of the judges,
after three days of the beautiful angels
the winners were announced
and Li Sha came out on top

Beyond that, DCIM was pretty much about Christmas
with a visit form the Jolly man himself
and with elves like this who wouldn't want to visit the North Pole

all in all a great opportunity for Lady Shooters
bet they have many more Gigabytes of pretty ladies
stored in their computers at home
especially if they look as pretty as this
that's why guys try to get as close as they can to the ladies :)

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