Monday, December 26, 2011

You oaf of the Nation

"We are against Hudud
because if they implement this
there'll be no more alcohol, parties or movies" 
This is badly paraphrased but that's pretty much the gist of it that stuck in my head
no movies?!?... really...?
(BTW there's a long list of offenses on wikipedia but somehow they forget to include movies)

But other than that I really have no idea what on earth is the purpose of this event...
I guess ideally to build up the youth of the nation
starting by fighting for their rights and freedom (hence the hudud hoohaa)
and to encourage a little giving
honestly I think idealistically, the movement sounds great
but in my mind I wonder how much thought has been put into their idealism
to start a movement is great but great pains ought to have been put into their gameplan
rather then the boast of being able to plan this event in 10 days

Guess it isn't that difficult to get such a big turn out
(though it is weird with the clunky online registration)

get a happening spot
offer some eye candy

and free flow of alcohol
The event itself  starts off 
 with introduction of the ladies

then lots of talking (over the sea of noise)
some song and dance


 have some games

 and some prizes
and there you have it

All in all, it was an OK event..
just the hype was bigger than the execution IMO

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