Monday, December 26, 2011

my Achilles weakness

If it wasn't for the fact that Formula Drift was happening again,
(that and I was broke) 

I would probably still have been in Thailand.

For some odd reason,
the only real car event I enjoy is drifting
but I'm sure most lay person can identify
because it is fast paced, and exciting,
with all the sights and sounds

and when things go wrong,

it happens spectacularly 

 and sometimes it's not even with the cars
like when the fire extinguisher went off 
without provocation in the middle of the track 
 I am blown away by how supportive the spectators are of the drivers
especially after a big crash
but the purpose is not the crashes but the drifting

and hopefully to come away with some good photographs
Beyond the drifting, there were entertainment for everyone
there was food
 and even balloon rides
 and lots of information for the media
 and it could even draw guests away from another car show
and the opportunity to get up close and personal with the drivers

 and comfort to keep up with the competition
 and of course the necessary 
last and not least of course is the race queens


 but for me this one was especially meaningful to see
It's been one year since I've met Merveen
but to most people they know her by her fb name
How do I know it's been one year?
It was at last years Formula Drift
when it was mainly sponsored by Goodyear,
when they had a competition by myEG
little did I know she would blossom
and the more I got to know her,
I see how beautiful she is
It is great to have such beautiful people around me :)

wonder who will I get to know more in the year to come?...

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