Monday, December 26, 2011

Hunting Interesting Nubiles

After attending Motor Expo in Bangkok,
I had low expectations when it came to motorshows in Malaysia
and it's never been that Malaysians cannot, they just don;t...
and yes I understand the many complexities involved

in the development of the industry here 
it's just saddening...

Any way it was still kind of disappointing 
as I stepped into the stadium 
after finding out that there is a entrance fee of RM20,
to find this...

Not really sure what was the point of the motor show...
definitely not for the cars
there weren't any special cars...
some expensive ones, sure...
but nothing extraordinary about them
heck.. some of them even looked incomplete
though there were quite a few pimped up cars
with bling bling and all
but it seemed to be more about accessories I guess
like car speakers
car spray painting
and stickers
tyre rims
 interior designs
 and stabilisers 
 most of my time was spent just taking random car parts


And the place was graced by celebritydom 
with the presence of this lady
 Ms. Leona Chin, Malaysia's own female drifter

At least there was attempts to bring life to the event with DJs
and even dancers
which if I was comparing again was a pale comparison to Motor Expo
but this being Malaysia
means that car show means one thing for these wolves
may be I don't shoot so many of the girls
because I find I suck at it...
but some of these ladies,
like this big Mack
are just too beautiful not to photograph...
then I scared this police girl arrest me if don't photograph
and I so happen to be arrested by these girls cuteness
 but we ended up spending most time at the speakers booth
because my friend knew one of the girls
and spent the rest of the time getting to know another

 heck, we were there so long,
I had time to notice her beautiful nail work... 
how Christmassy!

so after a long afternoon of cars, noise and girls
I think I made the most I could out of the RM20 entrance fee...
I could finally go home and get some sleep

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