Sunday, 26 February 2012

Me & Dia

What kind of (_|_) thinks that he can stop people from photographing in a public area?
obviously no one told the organisers of the Opening ceremony for the Bridal Fair in Mid Valley
or maybe this was their reverse psychology way of getting people to publicize for them
obviously it is working

Maybe it was my ladder
or maybe I got face problem
but the butt for brain organiser
approached only me to ask me which media I'm from
well if you are reading this... I said hobbyist,
or if u cannot read english, untuk hobi,
or if you need in chinese,  爱好者 (thanks google translate)

So in order to not have taken these illegally,
I may not have a media pass, but at least I'm posting it in the media...


I'm sure there will be many others posting 
since it was in the middle of a public place
and since camera phones and wannabe camerapeople greatly abound,
(whom you did not reprimand...)


So let me just post my photos
see if this crappy hobbyist is worse off than your precious media




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