Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bangkok: Father's Day Part 2 Marching in

Continued from part 1:
after the coma known as my afternoon nap
I awoke with a feeling I may be missing out on something...
a quick peek out the window reveals that the parade had already started!

Like Aerosmith,
I don't want to miss a thing...
so I grabbed my one eyed beauty
(also affectionately known as my camera)
and dashed down the stairs and out into the streets...

Just a little background,
from my limited research,
I discovered that in honour of the King,
The thai people coordinate a parade  
as they close down the streets around Ratchadamnoen and Sanam Luang
 as spectators flood the streets...
well that was my understanding of what suppose to happen
which was why I was bewildered when I was greeted by this scene
as more and more motorbikes joined the parade...
and of course they had to make way for the VIPs
and buses and taxis...
but maybe it's because everyone wanted to witness the parade u close...

Any the hows
getting back to the parade,
It had all the things you'd come to expect from a parade...
pretty faces

that one man with the microphone
the marching bands,




traditional costumes,

and flags

with some offerings and worships
(for the life of me I cannot discover what these are called)
and what is a birthday celebration
without the guest of honour?...
and of course loads and loads of photographs
to document the memories
All in all I must say,
what I'd expect from a parade..
but disappointed because I had a grander idea in my head,
but as the sun starts going down,
the party is just about to get started!

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