Saturday, 21 April 2012

Getting in Tune with Thai

I'm a sap for romantic comedies...
and when this MV by ‘Noona’  Neungthida Sophona
caught my attention,
I actually thought this was OST of a movie...

For those who are interested to read up to this point,
Noona is a radio DJ who became more popular
after she acted in a romantic comedy
"Hello, Stranger"
(best first Thai movie to start watching...)

Back to the MV...
it's titled "Only You"
and has all the elements one could ask for
in a romantic comedy...
found the translation for the dialogue

The dialogue:
Noona:’I want to learn how to make the chocolate of love.’
Mark:’Sorry, I don’t teach that any more. I’m going to get marry.’
Noona:’Hey you, hold up, I really want to make chocolate.’
Awkward moment where he realizes she is holding his hands.
He corners her. ‘Marry me and I will teach you how to make chocolate.’

At the gate when they were saying goodbye to his parents. ‘You are free now.’
She takes the ring off
Weeks later, he makes chocolate for her and she makes chocolate for him too. They meet each other on the street.
Mark:’These are chocolate made from Love.’
They embraced and he asked her to wait for him.
(thanks for the translation:

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