Monday, 23 April 2012

That was Mean

You know how they say looks can be deceiving?
That pretty much sums up this weekend for me...

As previously mentioned, 
I was looking forward to the first Mean Machines to be held outside of Penang,

As it was a car show, you'd expect the cars to be the centre of attention

 you'd be mistaken of course...
when a photographer mentioned to one of the girls,
to move aside a she was blocking the car,
I almost wondered if it was the end of the world...
considering it came out of one of the more notorious girl shooters

Back to the rant...
basically if you were to base the events on the photos,
you'd think it was quite happening,
with a lot to see and shoot...
and again you'd be mistaken...
I honestly can say that in the entire weekend,
I probably only enjoyed about 2 hours 
and that was mostly when I was playing around with my flash

The rest of the time was fighting the war
against moronism and their owners
and whichever distraction you can think of to ruin a shot
 but mostly anatomies wasted on brainless zombies 
masquerading as humans

But back to the saying,
I would honestly tell you,
that by looking at the photos,
(by the way notice the similarity of the right photo to the one above?
coincidence or manipulation... you tell me)
 you could not tell how bad the shooting condition was there
bad planning and organising,
compounded with animals that crawled out of the jungle
to see beautiful women
Left a very awful and disappointing taste in my mouth... 
If it wasn't for the fantastic experience
getting a foot massage,
I'd be so bitter
(like you can tell with all the |3itchin I've been doing)
especially with the screwed up so called programme
which might as well as been toilet paper
as nothing actually followed the programme

which is why the planned fireworks 
at 11 p.m. appeared at midnight
and best of all when it was not integrated to their plans..
so I wonder if anyone actually saw it...?

To sum it up
"looks can be deceiving"
as the advertising to be a great car show
but turns out to be a girls show 
with hot weather and bland programming
messy locations and unclear directions
with poor lighting and distracting backgrounds/foregrounds

Here's hoping your weekend was better :)
 Maybe things will seem clearer if I put on my 3d glasses....

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