Wednesday, June 20, 2012

full of SIN

 Super Import Nights...
Makes me wonder what was so super about it
and besides the models what was imported?

 Maybe I had too high expectations
but this was really disappointing experience

It doesn't help that the Singapore Kiasu-ism 
reared its ugly head...
I thought that Malaysians were jakun
as they behave like they've been girl deprived
but Singaporeans act as if they've never seen a girl before
 due to their selfish attitudes
I got more opportunities to shoot cameramen
and back of heads and cameras
then models....
 I don't mind if they are eager to shoot
but being such pricks and inconsiderate?
no matter where u stand, they will try to squeeze
in front of you and plant themselves there...
despite the fact they are using lenses
that are too long for such close range
and even when not shooting they will stand there
and check their screens
 heck! such stupidity is not even limited to those with cameras
but tahnks to the invention of camera phones
every singaporean can be stupid...
of course to be reasonable..
it is not only Singaporeans..
but such attitude is infectious
so others have to do the same 

or be like me and stand around
 just settle to see these girls
on Clubsnap....
(of which, 99% of the photos suck)

But I must admit,
this was the first time I got to witness
such impressive multitasking
 but I think the worst part of their planning
is when it comes to the stage events...
because this is all you get to see
the back or more morons heads...
thank goodness we are not one of them...

yes thanks to the "superb"
sponsorship of a certain camera brand
those cameramen with the same brand
get to stand at a awkward vantage point and 
block the rest form getting any nice shots
so what do the rest of us do?
 So what about the hot cars?
 that's probably the closest I got to any
maybe I've been to too many car shows
but I found nothing spectacular about the cars
I think I see better cars in Bukit Bingtang

 as for other sights and sounds...
a few mascots
 some souvenirs
 Guess that is why everyone was soo focused on the ladies
armed with every possible doohickey known to cameramen
 even armed with their own lighting systems...
so like I said...

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