Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Loy, Loy Krathong..

Every year for the past four years,
I've longed to go to Chiang Mai,
for the fabled Loy Krathong festival..
mainly for the Yee Peng fest,
where they release thousands of yee peng
(image taken from here)

or better known as khom loi
and it lights up the night sky...

but thus far I've had to settle for a smaller festival,
held by local thai's in taman jaya park

It is not to say a bad event
In fact it is pretty big
but I'm guessing it is dwarfed by the festival in Chiang Mai

The one organised by organised by the monks at Wat Chetawan
is usually held on a Saturday...
Last year, Loy Krathong fell on 10th Nov 2011
but was celebrated on the 12th in Malaysia...
Even before you enter,
you are greeted with krathongs done by vendors

The event starts with the gathering 
and preparation at the temple
then some celebrations

before the crowds adjourn to the lake
It is a little hazardous journey,
with the passing vehicles 
the hordes of devotees...
but must be quite exciting
especially for the young 'uns

Accompanied by music
and merriment
the devotees make their way to the waters
to lay their krathongs in the water

As they pray away their misfortunes

and wish for better days ahead
and some even believe it holds special significance for couples
As their krathongs pushed offshore
and hope they come together
In the most part,
I believe that as they go through the motions
the participants just want to be part of 
something bigger than themselves
and belief in a higher power that is in control
as the symbol of casting off their troubles
and trusting that something good will come out of it...
such devotion is truly something beautiful...

So here's hoping that in November 2012,
I'll be able to bear witness to such devotion

and celebration but on a bigger scale...
and hopefully involving floating Khom Loi's...
only 30 more winks to go!

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