Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Too Much Motor

Last year would be forever immortalised
for an unfortunate event

This year will probably be remembered 

for the rain and jam
and when I say jam, it is not in a

"man, I'm going to be late" jam
it's be more like
"I can walk faster than this" jam

Heck, you know it is so bad that I had time to take out my camera,
change my settings, open my window,
stick it out  and snap away....

It is so bad that from the photo you can't tell the difference
between the jam and parked cars
(which of course was jammed packed too)
wonder if it was the initiative of free parking..
that brought out all the idiots...
(and I'm pretty sure mental retardation doesn't count as disability)
and as jam as the roads were,
the crowds were worse
especially the line for an unhealthy activity
sold by beautiful women
(the really went to the top of the line this year imo)
of course no photo is available
as I'm sure they do not want to be associated with such acitvities
It got more claustrophobic with the rain...
with the hoards of (by that time sweaty and smelly)
masses huddled in the few sheltered booth

Not sure if the alternative was any better,
but in any case the booths were prepared for rain
(I'm sure the rain coats and umbrellas went like candy at a fat kids party)
or shine
even for the guests..
armed with his own cup dispenser and all :)
So was the additional hour of traffic worth it?
maybe if you came 
for the free handouts
to be photographed with the models
urm.. or more likely to get close and personal with the ladies
or to test your skills
especially of the ladies

As for me, I think all in all it was fun outing,
almost like a day out to the beach
to grab some photos with friends
too bad it was all ruined by the rain

only thing missing... was some motorbikes? :s

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