Sunday, 5 May 2013

GE13: Hope for Change

And the 4D numbers for the day...
0505 and 1758... 
(5th May, and ee ji wu ba... must ubah)

well actually not
if not I should at least bought TOTO
05, 13, 17, 20, 58 
who knows...
maybe change is possible
well that is the hope for many in Malaysia on this day

by the time the post goes up,
All can be done, would have been done
despite all the warnings,
dirty tactics, and slandering,
(many were on the look out for foreigners... not sure if this counts)
Malaysians were out, up and early
be it the supporters and volunteers,
or those working in the system
or the mass of voters
despite all challenges they came...
I'm thankful that there are many individuals
who take the responsibility to make things better

after all that is what this day is all about
Despite the place looking like a crime scene from CSI, 
it became clear that things weren't working,
certain individuals stepped up and reorganised the line

 by their streams (which became apparent was by age group)

While waiting though... I met many passionate individuals...

like those that help handed out finger covers
 to avoid voiding the ballots 
or this anonymous lady (she asked for no photos)
who post voting, came to help give tips and advice
especially how to help speed up the process
and of course there is no shortage 
of observers and cameras

Despite the restreaming, it still took me over an hour to reach the gates 
and another half an hour or so to reach the registration counter
which was smooth and quick...
You'd have thought it would have been pretty quick from there
but the sight of the line inside quickly destroyed that notion

 I was encouraged by the patience of the voters,
2 hours on, and there were no real moans or complains...
if only every day was like this...

people united in purpose ...
soon enough, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel
and in time I got the much desired blue finger....
and it is that one time in my life
when having blue body parts ain't that bad of thing...
though it comes off despite its purpose... 

anyway, time to honk for change

thank you, come again...

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