Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to Get there: Surin to Siem Reap

After managing the trip to Siem Reap from Bangkok,
one would have thought that it cannot be any harder coming from Surin,
well it probably isn't... just as troublesome
First, head down to the bus station at the centre of Surin,
Look for a counter with the only English words
that clearly says "Chong Jom" (ช่องจอม)
pay for the ticket,
grab the van
and enjoy the 2 hour ride

It is such a popular route,
that even seats are not needed to enjoy the trip
In no time you'll get in line
Chong Jom seems more popular than I expected
most of the visitors consist of gamblers and those on visa runs,
which explains why they give out entry forms as you exit
(along with their interesting taste in music)
After going through the usual Passport check,
pass all the warnings
pass the customary border Casino's
and appear on the other side of the immigration
in O'Smach
now comes the difficult part...
bargaining for a ride to Siem Reap
Unlike Poipet, O'Smach is not a popular pass with tourists,
so finding people to share a cab with is a problem

Heard that taking the moto dop to Anlong Veng
would cost about USD10
where there are buses to Siem Reap 
(only leaves early in the morning based on research)

Unless you plan to visit Anlong Veng, Preah Vihear or Koh ker,
you would probably want to head straight to Siem Reap

A taxi should cost about USD40,
shared or otherwise,
As i was on a tight budget, 
I just told the taxi men that I only had USD20,
so we waited for any guest to the casino or from the market
to share the taxi...

in the end, after an hours wait,
he found a taxi man to take me on the 2 hour plus journey
(which for some reason included a second document check at the market)
the taxi was suppose to wait for others,
 but in the end, I was the only passenger.
It was a beautiful ride...
even making a quick stopover at a market half way

Route: Surin - Chong Jom
Cost: 60 baht
Estimated travel time: 2 hours

Route: O'Smach - Siem Reap
Cost: USD40 (on average for shared taxi)
Estimated travel time: 2 hours

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