Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clark Can: Places to Stay

No... my room is nothing like that..
but does your room come with the girl? :o

Since I cannot afford the 5,150 PHP price tag
let us look around for more affordable accomodation

I must say that in general,
Clark is a pretty expensive place
food and accommodation does add up to quite a bill 

So if you're going to pay for it,
make sure it is worth it

I was recommended to check out DeVera Hotel
It was a relatively new hotel...
Trying to keep in my budget, 
I choose the two cheapest rooms

The Junior Standard and the Standard Room

The Junior Standard
This room has pretty much everything the Standard has...
except the room is more compact and less storage space in the cupboard
It was quite comfortable but felt a bit tight squeezed...
even the toilet was more compact

Standard Room
As you can see the room is more spacious
odder that the safe is out in the open
but it has a table
and the toilet is just the right size for me

what I liked about the toilet is they had this kind of shower head
most unique in most of my travels...
some may find it odd... I quite liked it

what I found odd about the particular room I had
was the fact the window... faced nothing!
yea that is a wall... with pipes...

Overall I must say I liked DeVera...
It was comfortable and the Hotel workers were top notch
even the doorman was overly friendly :)
he kept fist bumping me :)

DeVera Hotel
Location: very good.. along the main street

air cond: YES
fridge: YES
wifi: YES (quite good)
Restaurant: YES, 8th floor (didn't actually have time to visit)
  Safe: yes (big enough to keep a laptop and more)
Junior Standard room: 1,200 PHP (on discount)
Standard room: 1.350 PHP (on discount)

not sure how long they will offer the discount prices
but at the current rate it is well worth the value

I decided to check out another highly rated hotel while I was there
La Teresita Hotel...

the name is a bit hard to pronounce...
and the location not that much easier
I decided to go with the Deluxe room since 

the price difference was a mere 1,000 PHP

Overall a comfortable hotel
the lobby is quite compact... but the rooms more so spacious
I don't think there is actually much of a difference 
between the Standard and the Deluxe

Location: a bit difficult to locate
air cond: YES (mine was a little noisy)
fridge: YES
wifi: YES (a bit slow & problematic)
Restaurant: YES
  Safe: YES (but a bit small)
Cost:  1,350 PHP (Deluxe room)

I would have no problem returning for either hotel 
as both as worth the money....
I have my preference, and others may have their own

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