Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feeling Phily: Here and There

Sometimes life is kind of funny
and sometimes travelling 
is a way to see the funny side of life

Philippines is not a backward country by any means
but of course is not known to be the most modern either
but one thing I have noticed was the place seems highly influenced by the 80's and 90's
(I wonder if MJ is still getting paid for the use of his image)

and not sure if it is keeping up with the times
but they have bars named after newer groups
Speaking of bars...

(did I come to the wrong country?!?)

why does every country I got to have a walking street?

Is it really that important to walk?
or coincidentally a lot of people walk these streets?
a common signage
a popular sign I keep seeing was this
some even advertise for mamasan with dancers...
but it certainly must be a good industry to have so many vacancies
all supply and demand

Security is certainly an issue here...
I should know since my phone got stolen
> <

Not so sure these "scarecrow" security guards are any use
especially ones that are nodding off!
But as with every place...
things are not always as they seem
there are a lot of things that are Bull...
certainly makes it hard to tell what's real
I wonder if this game is actually authorised...
doubtful given the name

I must say though...
It is sad to leave...
at least they give a discount for the airport tax :D
I'll definitely be back again...
perhaps in time for a pool party :)

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