Friday, 16 August 2013

Feeling Philly: Full of Food

I must say I had not heard much about food from Philippines
While I was there
I didn't really get to experience much authentic Filipino food 
One of the foods I asked about, turned out to be fried pig intestines...
(urm.. maybe next time... hehe)
but i did get to try Sisig
this was sisig.. and I was told was tongue...
didn't deter me as it was quite tasty

according to Wikipedia:
"Sisig is a Kapampangan term which means 
"to snack on something sour". 

Sisig also refers to Sizzling sisig, 
a Filipino dish made from parts of pig’s head and liver, 
usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers."

hmmm head and liver...
not as bad as just tongue I suppose...
well... until you figure out what head means
Originally, sisig is composed of chopped pigs face, 
(snout included) ears and pork liver.
yummy... who wouldn't want to eat that?..

 There wasn't much street food to speak of,
These chicken looked mighty tasty
and was told the whole chicken goes cheap,
like 100 peso's or so...

But overall, the food I found 
was not really local but mixture of cultures
mostly western
some Korean and even Arabic
Shawarma is not bad...

I must say their fast food was unique experience in itself
it is catered to local taste
thus not really favourable to foreign palate
such as Chow King which I had yet to try
It sounds Chinese but apparently that is as far as it goes
was not up to my fellow Malaysians standards

even their Mcdonalds was referred uniquely...
here we have a Mcdo burger
and spagetthi, with fried chicken

certainly not what I would expect in a Mcdonalds..
but guess this was Mcdo...
they have to remain competitive...
especially with Jollibees!
not sure if it can be found anywhere else in the world
but is surely a Filipino favourite...
I must say I should have tried it more...
but the little I had was quite tasty

However, in all the fastfood joints
KFC was not found amongst them...
maybe they only did delivery?
oh and the most famous food here?
 San Miguel light
counts as food, right?... :)
Anyone has any food to suggest for a future trip?

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