Thursday, 15 August 2013

Feeling Philly: Moving Around

I must say if the rest of Philippines is anything like Clark and Dau,
it is certainly worth more investigation...
 Other than being the land of trikes
and jeepneys
there wasn't a lot that I knew about the Philippines

Even then, I did not know 

how cramped those trikes can be
or worse still how they maximise the space

and I didn't realise that the jeepneys came in all shapes and colours

interestingly enough, it seemed like every jeepney 
had KFC as a sponsor...

but oddly enough
that is the one fast food joint I never saw while I was there...  

Interestingly enough,
one of the more noticable things about Philippines
is how despite the poverty...
every where seems to be wirelessly connected...
even their buses!

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