Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cars get Thai girls wet

Cars and Girls...
two things that should drive 
any straight guy crazy....

 So you'd expect that combining cars, girls, skimpy clothing 
and getting them all soapy and wet
would be the perfect combination...

It was so happen that I so happen to pass through Hat Yai
just as the Central Festival opened
And coincidentally they were having the Thailand Motorshow on at the same time

It may have been a small show,
but This was definitely different than any Malaysian Car show
First of all they had appearance by FHM models...
not only did they emcee,
 with fun, games and prizes

but of course they were involved in a car wash...

I'm not sure to feel clean or dirty after the wash... 
but the girls certainly looked like they had fun
 and a lot of action
and despite the horrible LED lights...
every once in a while you get lucky
 but soon it was time to wipe it all done
and wrap up
 until they need to lather up and repeat the process all over again
 Show other photos from the event..
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