Sunday, 6 June 2010

Day 1: Kuala Lipis

Who reading this does not think they’re the centre of the universe?...
How about at least the world?

Well for a few minutes today I was the centre of Malaysia… well...peninsular Malaysia at least...
I’ve been wanting to drop by Kuala Lipis ever since I read about the place while researching places to go to in Pahang. 
What caught my attention was that there was a landmark that marks the centre of peninsular Malaysia… What was more interesting was that when I was there I did not even realise it.. It took another blogger from KL to point out the fact that locals don’t notice this milestone… 

I only noticed the 0 km sign once I was walking away... 

So now I can say that I’ve been north, south, east, west and now right in the middle of Malaysia…

I cannot comprehend the decision to move the capital of Pahang to Kuantan in 1921(?). I guess is the location next to the sea… but contrasting the two… I love Kuala Lipis a lot more… not that I didn’t enjoy my experience in Kuantan… but Kuantan is like a small town while Kuala Lipis is what I expect of a capital city… It’s not too big, not too small, and not overdeveloped… best of all is the people… For some reason, the locals like to start up conversations with me… I really enjoy it!... and here the idea of 1Malaysia actually seems realistic… there does not seem to be any segregation or differentiation between the townfolk.

And it is a good way to start out tour Malaysia vol. 3, as I arrive on the one day that there is a farmers market on… 

It brings such colours and life…

and brings the people out… 
If not I would expect it to have been a much quieter experience… I cannot say I found anything outstanding here but it was as a pasar malam should be… lots of food, drinks and random doohickies.

As for places to stay, there seems to be no shortage of places…
there’s the up and coming swanky hotels, (starting at RM70+ for two single beds)
in fact it is so up and coming that I thought they had not yet opened (as they were still constructing)

then there's the midrange and comfortable ones (starting at RM50 for two single beds)
and for the thrifty travelers like myself the old travelers hotel… 
This is the one I got.. and all for a low low price of RM18!.. 
from what I’ve seen the price here can go up to RM40+ but that’s for the air cond rooms… I’m perfectly happy for the single bed, fan and unattached bathroom rooms.. it’s small but has all I need… the sink is a plus.. (tho it can’t be turned off).
The oddest thing about this place is all the moths... they're like everywhere... either the huge brown ones or the tiny white ones... but they're on the roads, on the floors, in the toilets... you name it they're there

This goes to show you that some first impressions can be deceiving.
I first thought that this was such a small town that even ATM was considered an attraction.
But I soon realised there is a new Kuala Lipis & and older side..
the one that is being developed and the one that is already done.

so slowly but surely they are upgrading and moviong forward
(noticed the change in year?)

Place: Kuala Lipis
Attractions: historical sites (I didn’t see all of them though), milestone and friendly people...

and if you're into it... moths!
Would I recommend? Definitely… a 4 out of 5 from me.
before I leave... can you spot what's wrong with this photo?


  1. lol...there's a dude at the tracks?? xD


  2. haha... actually there are 3...
    well done..
    *clap clap clap*


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