Sunday, January 16, 2011

My right hand is so tired

man... my right hand is tired from all the exercise it's getting...
today is the third day in the row that I've been at events...
from the FHM GND,
followed by the APT Beauty Fashion Show,
to todays Wedding Fashion Show..
What does this have to do with my right hand?...
Well in all three times I made use of the my faulty AF lens EF80-200 f2.8
which means I was manually focusing while carrying the weight of the camera and lens
Usually I balance the weight with my left but since it's preoccupied my right had to do it
and due to the weight of the lens it tilts to the front...
It's like trying to reeling in a 3 kg trout with only the right hand...

now to balance it out,
need to figure out a one handed exercise...
any ideas?... only one comes to my mind
but there are some that say excess of said exercise makes one go blind... :p

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