Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ah ShoEe

I have no foot fetish....
nor any interest shopping
but when a friend told me she'd be working at PWTC I thought I'd swing by
I did not know what to expect
I arrived just to see the end of the fashion show
who knew that they had fashion shows for shoes!
Also there was the big name in shoes

oh wait.. it was Choo not Chia.. :p
he got all the media's attention
Speaking of which,
it is was actually media's day when I went...
of course that didn't stop me from having a look around
at all the small shoes
or the huge chocolate shoes!
or the 9-inch heeled ones...
but what I found most interesting was in the shoe box area
especially the section where they made mini shoes 
out of recycled materials
 but the "normal" shoes were interesting also
like those from all the other countries
 but there were bunny shoes
 and those that can be used for other purposes?
but I'm sure any post is not complete without the ladies.. 
so here are two for ur viewing 

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