Monday, 9 April 2012

Bangkok: Soi Khao San

A quick google search on Khao San, and you repeatedly find the tag 
A mecca for budget backpackers in Southeast Asia”. 
And it is no wonder, as soi Khao San reflects Bangkok 
as much as Glee reflects American high schools. 

A lot of smoke and mirrors with blinding  lights and sounds but still a distorted image of the truth.
This poor reflection is what draws westerners to this fabled lane. The fury of activities, sauses and sources of temptations to whet the appetites, hidden gems and convenient living promise of and feast for the senses.

 But as the sun rises, and the neon lights fade, 
those promises end up as empty as the streets of khao san.

At the end of it all, you’ll never need to go far 
to find a cheap place to lay your head 
til the sun sets and the cycle begins anew.

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